About ChineseShed

Chineseshed has been developed to help busy people learn Chinese in a fast and efficient manner.

The 'Home' page delivers information regarding current and upcoming flashcard tests. It also includes several graphs detailing individual user progress.

The 'Flashcards' page contains sets of flashcards to help systematically increase vocabulary. Although flashcards are a proven method of learning new vocabulary, technology has enabled this method to be performed in a more efficient and enjoyable manner.

Flashcard sets are ordered, starting from the most basic and frequently used characters. The formula behind the flashcard engine is called spaced repetition. This well-proven learning method involves retesting new words at the most beneficial intervals to aid memory retention. These intervals are: thirty seconds, two minutes, ten minutes, one hour, five hours, one day, one week, two weeks and one month. If at any stage a word is answered incorrectly, it is reset back to the shortest interval. In this way, a word must be answered correctly at all nine intervals for it to be considered known.

Any flashcard can be saved at any stage for later research or reference by clicking the icon. These saved cards are then listed on the users 'Bookmarked' page.

Additional useful links to tutorials, apps, websites and culture tips are available on the 'Resources' page.